To place an order, kindly use the order form provided. Priority will be given to those who do so.
Types of payment accepted:
  • POSB/DBS ibanking Transfers
  • POSB/DBS  ATM Funds Transfers
Please make your payment to POSB SAVINGS 033-23708-1 along with your order form and transaction details.
For ATM funds transfers, you are required to email us a clear snapshot of your transaction receipt from the ATM to us, as a proof of transfer to our account. Otherwise, ibanking  is recommended. We will only send out the parcel after we have received the snapshot. 

Items that remain unpaid after 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon, will be put up for sale thereafter without further notification.
All dead-bidders will be blacklisted from our website and from future purchases.

Prices are not inclusive of normal postage unless stated otherwise.
For normal postage, please add $1.50 to prices stated.
For registered postage, please add $3.74 to prices stated (+ an additional fee of $0.50 for every subsequent item).
Please also note that the postage fee will defer in a situation whereby the item is heavy object. (Eg: Bags)

Please allow at least 3 working days for your parcel to arrive.

Kindly email for more information on payment and delivery charges.